“My two white husbands abandoned me with two kids”. She is an orphan and she was abandoned the father’s of her children and left alone to take care of them.

“My two white husbands abandoned me with two kids”

It started back in 2015 when she met a Turkish man construction work, he was an engineer and she was among the people who prepared food. He made sorts of promises that he would marry her and take her to Turkey if she accepted his proposal.

It was easy for her to accept as she thought her life was finally going to change. They started a relationship and she fell pregnant. His contract ended and he had to go back to Turkey, he knew she was pregnant and promised to stay in touch. After she delivered the child he sent her names of the baby then turned off his numbers. Her contract also ended and she had to look for another job. She went to a certain company and the manager told her there were no jobs available but offered to assist her with everything she needs.

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They started a relationship and she go pregnant in the process. After news of her pregnancy broke, the guy was told by his colleagues that he is not allowed to his an African child and the child should be aborted. He ended up abandoning her with the child because of his colleagues. She tried taking him to court but he doesn’t turn out .

After her story got aired she got help from various people and others even offering to pay her children’s school fees. Hopefully all goes well for her.

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