Mzansi Breaks Down Into Tears After Hearing Zandie Khumalo & Her Husband’s On Mampintsha’s Phone, Babes Wodumo caused a commotion after she successfully unlocked the phone that belonged to her late husband, Mampintsha.

Mzansi Breaks Down Into Tears After Hearing Zandie Khumalo & Her Husband’s On Mampintsha’s Phone

Babes Wodumo, who was overjoyed at her success, went on Instagram Live shortly after she had retrieved Mampintsha’s passwords and been granted access to Mampintsha’s phone.

Babes Wodumo was overjoyed when she announced to South Africa in a video that has since gone viral on social media that she was able to unlock the phone that belonged to her late husband and that she now had access to all of his social media accounts.

Babes Wodumo went to great lengths to demonstrate her point, even going so far as to share the video on one of Mampintsha’s social media accounts.

I was able to track down my baby’s pin at last (Mampintsha). Many thanks, sweetie. Shame on my husband; he loved me, and he loved me right up until the end. “I am reading your messages,” she said while letting out a particularly vile cackle at the same time.

People in South Africa have voiced their opinions on the matter in response to the video, which has caused a stir on social media. Zandie Khumalo and her husband, Mhlonishwa Gumede, are two examples of individuals who have expressed their opinions regarding the video.

Zandie Khumalo shared a conversation she had with her husband about Mampintsha’s phone on her social media account. The conversation centered on Mampintsha’s phone. In the conversation that took place on WhatsApp, Zandie’s husband makes the comment that Mampintsha’s phone ought to have been buried with him.

According to what he said, it is common practice for people to have their belongings buried with them after they pass away. South Africans couldn’t contain their laughter at the suggestion. The following are some of the responses received:

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oumamanamela: Someone once said that no one gossips more than a committed married couple, and just as I answer my husband’s call to say, “Yeeeeeei weena, I know Ziyakhala,” I am reminded of this old saying.

ayanda dikinyeka: The portion of the conversation with Mpintsho in which the phone was buried for me

njabsvezi: Please maKhumalo, we are going to bury Gumede along with his phone… Do not trouble us in any way.

Take a look at the following to hear what Zandie Khumalo and her husband had to say to one another about Mampintsha’s phone:

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