Nandi Madida shook the internet today when she posted a picture of her mother who just turned 60 years old. Thandeka Mngoma is the mother of the beautiful musician and her beauty is ravishing. Mzansi Can’t Believe Nandi Madida’s Mom is 60-Years-Old.

Mzansi Can’t Believe Nandi Madida’s Mom is 60-Years-Old

Thandeka Mngoma took the saying “Black don’t crack” to a whole different level. Taking to Instagram to wish her beautiful mother a Happy Birthday, Nandi thanked her for being the best mother, “Happy 60th birthday to the woman who gave birth to me, my beautiful mother. Love you forever and thank you for being an incredible mother. God bless and protect you always.

Her followers were shocked at the revelation, saying there is no way Thandeka is 60.

“Let me get this straight. How old is the picture? 60 year old? Kuphi? Sicela isecret (where? can we get the secret). Happy birthday mamzo, she’s got a gorgeous body . No wonder ninjena kini,” a follower wrote.

Another expressed in disbelief, “Is this how 60 looks like?? Happy birthday to your beautiful Mother Nandi, wish her more life.

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The Organic hitmaker looks up to her mother and she revealed to Drum magazine in an interview that she often asks her for advice on how to look good. “Thank you for showing me how to be mother and to love my kids and to love my kids abundantly. You are the best grandmother and mother. love you – now please teach me how to look that good at 59,” said Nandi.


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