Mzansi demand Zozibini and Ndlozi to go back to school after a principal was filmed combing hair. A video has gone viral of a principal who was combing the hair of students at the entrance.

Mzansi demand Zozibini and Ndlozi to go back to school after a principal was filmed combing hair - Video

Mzansi is divided on the issue, on the left is the Gauteng MEC for Education Lesufi who commentated that this is unacceptable and humiliating to students. And on the right side, there are the strict disciplinarians who applaud the principal for enforcing the standards at her school. She is raising well-disciplined and successful students as she doesn’t allow even small things like funny hairstyles said, one commentator.

Ndlozi chipped in the discussion saying the principal is offside, but tweeps were quick to point out that the EFF leader was looking neat when he was still in high school. Here are more comments from social media:

@Ori_Debig_Beats: Teachers are parents at school, she did nothing wrong. She did what their parents failed to do. I come from a high school where it was a must to comb your hair… no cuts, just Brush, Bald, or Afro… I stand with the teacher!

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@caleb_njabulo: She must retire she can run a salon, heard the sound of the comb while my Volume is on mute.

@mhlangatpn: It’s way beyond the dres’ code. It’s about discipline (following rules) and presentation (appearance). It’s also about cognitive functioning, if a learner can stick to a simple appearance, do you think they will be able to follow complex rules of society when they are adults.

@MotloungSech: Nothing wrong here teachers must teach kids neatness U can’t just wake up with unwashed hair full of blankets just because is yo hair.

@thatosethunya: I’m guessing what happened here is they were told before all this that your hair needs to be neat, they probably didn’t listen. They were probably told if you want to come in this is what’s going to happen or else you go home, the students choose this method,

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