Mzansi warn Rasta on painting #GeeSixFive…..#RIPGEESIXFIVE   Mzansi plead with Rasta to allow the dead rest in peace. This statement was made after the celebrity painter expressed condolence to the Obani Lababantu hitmaker, Ge e Six Five, who was announced dead on Wednesday morning, after battling COVID-19.

Mzansi warn Rasta on painting #GeeSixFive…..#RIPGEESIXFIVE

Rasta shared photos of himself smoking, and captioned it with: “Just landed in the Mother City to pay my last respects.”

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Mzansi Twitter expressed their fear in his painting, as it is believed that the smoking effect might get the painting worse. The painter trends on social media with users begging him to take a break off painting celebs who have passed on.

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