No one is safe. It also ends in tears for Lamiez. Even though the country is currently under level 1 of the nationwide lockdown, after months of grappling to make ends meet, entertainers are finally able to work and earn better money. With that freedom, some are getting overwhelmed and often play at unsafe venues where COVID-19 protocols are not adhered to.

No one is safe. It also ends in tears for Lamiez

Recently two prominent DJ’s got dragged for playing in crowded venues where people are unmasked and practicing no social distancing. Firstly it was Black Coffee who caught some heat when he played at an event in Cape Town at the Silo Hotel.

One tweep who raised this, slammed the hotel and the DJ for promoting such recklessness. “I’m looking at IG stories and watching what looks like a Black Coffee gig happening at the Silo Hotel with not a single mask in sight and I’m wondering if Cape Town wants a third wave because that is how you get a third wave,”

Another commented saying a third wave is probably on it’s way after the Easter festivities, “We all know the third wave is coming after Easter Face throwing a kiss We’re also gatvol of this government. 0.2% of our population has been vaccinated whilst our industry is at a standstill? It’s been a year since we could actually work work. The whole of CPT/SA”.

Recently Lamiez Holworthy also got dragged for her packed gig, where no masks nor social distancing was on sight. The DJ was playing at a gig in Soshanguve and was rocking a crowd that was disregarding the COVID-19 protocols.

One artist who continuously disregards the fact that we are in a pandemic is dancer Zodwa Wabantu who gets called out countless times for either crowd surfing on top of people who are not wearing masks. Sis has been hard at work selling her eggs and ensuring her poultry business blossoms, however when the country hit level 1, she got excited at finally doing what she loves.

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Social media is not impressed at all, “Ohhh my God we fighting a loosing battle, no social distancing Lord help us.”

“Zodwa I like your work a lot, but it seems like you don’t care about the struggle we have #the pandemic.

“Third wave doing massive press ups…it will hit sooner than we think because of such recklessness, sad part is those who are innocent will be at the receiving end. Imagine some of these people after partying will go back home to their elderly family back home. It’s sad!!


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