“Nokeri Ndavi is a Zimbabwe born and raised girl”- Newly Crowned Miss SA Names Caused a Stir. Tribalism is something that we see every day on Twitter. It is mostly directed at people from Limpopo, especially Venda and Tsonga people.

“Nokeri Ndavi is a Zimbabwe born and raised girl”- Newly Crowned Miss SA Names Caused a Stir

They are always being criticized and called foreigners by people from other tribes. We all know that there are some people who feel like they are owners of South Africa; the Masandi gang(Zulu). Every time other tribes do good, they tend to criticise because they believe that they are the only good people in South Africa and that’s totally wrong.

We all saw the negative comments that were tossed at Shudufhadzo when she won the Miss South Africa pageant. Just like how they criticise Ramaphosa and Makhadzi, Venda people always suffer from tribalism discrimination. They are called names and mocked, but that doesn’t stop them from excelling. Since Ndavi Nokeri won the South Africa title, some people have been tossing some negative comments on her. Now they are trying to play the tribe card on her. Read below:


Ndavi Nokeri, who is 23 years old, was crowned Miss South Africa 2022 during the glittering pageant finale that took place at SunBet Arena, which is located in Time Square in Pretoria. The fact that she was awarded Miss South Africa caused many people to congratulate her, and her name, Ndavi Nokeri, drew the attention of certain Twitter users. Some people on Twitter thought that because her name was unfamiliar to the Mzansi culture, she must be from Zimbabwe. Some people are under the impression that Ndavi Nokeri, the winner of Miss South Africa 2022, is actually from Zimbabwe. They are doubting her nationality because of her last name.

See the screenshots below:


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In my opinion, I believe that people Those who are speculating that she’s a Zimbabwean are just bitter to see Limpopo people doing well because this person’s identity is verified before they are nominated. Ndavi Nokeri, on the other hand, hails from South Africa, refuting the aforementioned preconceptions. She was born and raised in Tzaneen, which is located in the province of Limpopo in South Africa. During her speech of acceptance, Ndavi Nokeri said unequivocally that she is originally from the province of Limpopo.


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