The singer trended on Monday as South Africans remembered Senzo Meyiwa who was murdered in the same space with Kelly 6 years ago. Nota Baloyi explains why he calls Kelly Khumalo “the devil”

Nota Baloyi explains why he calls Kelly Khumalo “the devil”

Taking to Twitter, in series of tweets, Nota said Kelly murdered the late professional footballer, because of fame and pretending to be a Sangoma(Traditional healer).

“They kill you for money fame and power, all of a sudden they all got the calling… Every bad bitch is sangoma these days. Fvck outta here, niya thakatha!” he said.

Nota also called out Jub Jub who is a baby daddy to one of the singer’s child.

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“They will even borrow money to hire hitmen to kill you as a blood sacrifice… Jub Jub get treatment so you can take back your child. The culture is dead. Ya’ll killed it. For fame and money? Was it worth it?”

When Ntsiki Mazwai, who is also outspoken like him, tried claiming Kelly was innocent, Nota fired back with stinging claims.

“You think jail can hold her? She took a human sacrifice. The man was assassinated in her mother’s house. The murder victim was there to see her. A naive KZN boy. They mutied him and made him turn on his own family. These CELEBS are killing people for money, fame and power BEWARE!,” he partly said.

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The bombshell document claims that Ms Khumalo should be proved over claims that a lender gave her money ‘to pay for a hitman’. The authorities also sat they need to obtain a statement from the person accused of granting her a loan.

Furthermore, the investigating officers have highlighted their concerns over Kelly Khumalo’s cell phone records – which indicate she was in contact with the accused who appeared in court on Tuesday. The killing took place at the singer’s mother’s house, and she has rejected all allegations made against her in the past six years.

“Cell phone records of Ms Kelly Khumalo indicating her communication with the accused must be obtained, as previously indicated. It was previously mentioned that there was a lender who advanced money to Kelly Khumalo, ostensibly to pay hitmen, and that this lender was pestering her for the repayment of this loan. The lender’ statement must be obtained.”


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