Skeem Saam Actress Loses Both Parents. Our thoughts and prayers are with Actress Amanda Manku. Our thoughts and prayers are and have been with Skeem Saam actress and sports presenter Amanda Manku.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Actress Amanda Manku

Last week, she announced that she had lost a loved one but did not go into further details. This morning, however, she did open up a bit more about her loss. In a tweet, Amanda revealed that she lost both her mother and grandmother at the same time.

“One thing my mother always told me, is to stop posting about my problems but right now, it’s hard. I want to vent! I want to understand!” Tweeted the actress.


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“How can I loose my mother and grandmother at the same time? Who will I go to for comfort? For advice?” Right now Amanda doesn’t know who to turn to for comfort. “Morena nkarabe,” she added.

One of her followers, @papaolie shared some words of comfort with Amanda. “May you get strength Amanda, this is difficult no words can make you better, and nothing makes sense at this time, all we do is pray for you and family”

We cannot begin the comprehend the hurt the actress is going through at the moment. Manku is one of the stars who joined Skeem Saam very earlier on before it became the hit soapie that it is today and is a big fan-favourite.

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