Paballo Mavundla who plays the role of Jerah Moroka on Generations The legacy leaves the SABC 1, soapie. On Generations The Legacy, the Jerah character resembles family dynamics, teenage to adulthood transition, fatherhood, and hustling, a young man with a dream to be a film producer.

Paballo Mavundla aka Jerah Moroka leaves Generations: The Legacy

Regarding his new role on Generations The Legacy, Paballo Mavundla has this to say,

“It is something that I have always dreamed of. After The Herd, I told the universe that I wanted to be on a SABC show. I wanted to showcase my talent to a wider audience. This opportunity came and I grabbed it with both hands. I am so glad that it all worked out.”

On Generations, Jerah is the youngest male from the rich and powerful Moroka family who often gets in trouble with the Moroka leader, his uncle Kabisi Moroka role played by Mpho J Molepo.

Jerah leaves the Moroka mansion to stay with his baby Mama Lesedi and Banele his son, Jerah often gets things his way because of her powerful and influential Moroka family. Deprived of Moroka money, Jerah had to hustle and manipulate his way up the #Ezweni company structures to fulfil his dream of becoming a film producer on Generations The Legacy.

Jerah is money-oriented and does almost everything to secure the cash, at one point he stage the kidnapping of his own son Banele, a move meant to milk the Moroka money. He and his friend Mpho seemed to have a breakthrough to financial freedom when they manufactured and sold home-brewed beer Umqhomboti.

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Paballo Mavundla’s self-orchestrated downfall comes when he scammed Gogo Flo Diale of her high-valued Solomon Dlomo’s sketch drawing worth millions of money.

Despite the efforts by the Diale family Lucy, Cosmo, and Lesedi to recover the Solomon Dlomo’s valuable picture, Jerah managed to sell it to set his film making dream into a reality.

Jerah leaves the Generations The Legacy onset after resigning from his #Ezweni junior producer role and embarks on a journey to realise his dream of becoming a film producer.

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