Words are used to define certain things, sometimes words are the same depending on the language while some have different meanings.Pastor accuses Master KG of stealing.

Artists tend to have their own words or slangs they use on their songs,some are even regarded as intellectual property in the law books , you can even get sued for using other people’s words on your songs as they are some sort of a trademark.Pastor accuses Master KG of stealing

Speaking of trademarks, trademarks mark property, it can come in the form of a text, a phrase or colour scheme, in terms of music we already know who’s song it is just by hearing certain words or who’s in the song, you must have heard words by a singer only being used by that particular singer for example DJ Tira with “Makoya Barrings” and wondered why other singers are not using them , there were rumours that Tira is even paid or charges people to say “Makoya Barrings” when he’s featured but that was never confirmed.

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Same with MasterKG’s songs, we know that it’s his song or he’s featured in a song just by hearing “Wanitwa Mus” , people have asked the Limpopo born artist why he likes to say “Wanitwa Mus” in his songs or what it means.

Pastor accuses Master KG of stealing

There has not been a straight answer regarding that as of yet,we first heard the word from Master KG , South Africa and the world know MasterKG as the discover or inventer of the word however a Limpopo pastor highly disagrees.

Pastor freeman is accusing MasterKG of stealing the word “Wanitwa Must” from him, the pastor is from Tzaneen according to Polokwane News Pastor Freeman claims that he is the founder of the slot “Wanitwa Mus” that’s being used by MasterKG now.

The pastor also made claims that MasterKG and him used to be “homeboys” and decided to sing together from 2014 to 2016 released five songs together titled “Jikekeza” , “Java” , “WANITWA MUS”, ” Menateng” and “Otswa Kae” , performing in tarvens around Tzaneen.

Pastor Freeman is alleged to be on a mission to expose MasterKG and tell the whole of South Africa that he came up with the word and it “belongs” to him , “I AM THE OWNER OF WANITWA MUS” said pastor freeman

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