She has been in the industry for more than 16 years, she has lived through scandals and publicity the entire time but Khanyi Mbau has always remained fierce and true to herself. The iconic actress and TV personality, Khanyi Mbau, is one of the wealthiest CElebs because she knows the industry very well and knows how to secure the bag. Pearl Thusi Breaks-down In Tears In Conversation With Khanyi Mbau

Pearl Thusi Breaks-down In Tears In Conversation With Khanyi Mbau

Love her or hate her, Khanyi Mbau is the Queen that she thinks she is

Last week on part one of Behind The Story with Khanyi Mbau, Pearl Thusi and the rest of the country were shocked at the revelations that came up about Pearl Thusi’s big break in the industry. Khanyi spoke about a friend of hers who told her ex that Khanyi landed a job at the SABC for Real Goboza and that she was going to be doing great things for herself.

Mbau then revealed how the ex-lover sabotaged her big career move by leaking her nudes which landed her in hot water with the broadcaster who then called her to inform Khanyi that she was off the show. This made way for Pearl Thusi who was next in line and made her big break in the industry.

Fans of Behind The Story were surprised at how the second part of the show transpired after Pearl Thusi broke down on her show while chatting to Khanyi Mbau, Pearl couldn’t hold back the tears as she explained how exhausted she was about being always attacked online and her recent Twitter drag due to her colourism comments.

Back in August, Pearl posted a snap on Twitter wearing a sizzling bikini, perfectly showing off her s_xy summer body but she got dragged by Black Twitter for her caption. Pearl captioned her snap with the lyrics of Beyonce’s hit track Brown Skin Girl, which celebrates the beauty of brown skin girls. A whole debate ensued about her complexion with some tweeps dragging her and saying she is not a brown skin girl, but light-skinned.

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The audience fell in love with how wise Khanyi Mbau was as she poured words of wisdom onto Pearl Thusi while reminding her that she shouldn’t concern herself with the opinions of people who have no impact on her life.

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