Pearl Thusi fearlessly defends her daughters, Pearl Thusi is furious at Nota Baloyi for calling her a deadbeat mother and a helicopter parent.

Pearl Thusi fearlessly defends her daughters

In a recent interview with some young podcast presenters, the critic ranted about how Pearl was never available for her kids.

The veteran actress poured out her anger at Nota for dragging her kids; she says the allegations are untrue and triggering as it hurts her.

“Apart from the reality of this situation- there’s also how I’ve struggled to provide yet balance being there for my kids for big and little things… With microscopes on me at different angles. This allegation is not only untrue but also hurtful/triggering.”

Pearl defended herself in series of tweets and she’s set to go at war against him.


“My life, my career choices and even coming back to South Africa – was centered around my children. I realigned my vision and goals to make sure I could be here for them and provide for them and the idea that someone can wake up and decide to say whatever suites their narrative,” she wrote.

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“Because no one holds them accountable is ridiculous. Whatever happens – I’ll rest knowing I tried to defend myself and my kids therefore teaching them that no man or woman has the right to attack them unprovoked and wrongfully.”–RCzbT1bs5Q



“I take a lot of sh*t here- this isn’t going to be one of those times. NOT WITH MY KIDS!!!!!!!”

She spoke about how the world is unfair to black women, as black women has been consistently trolled and dragged on social media.

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