People React To This Video Of Kwaito Star Brickz And Other Prisoners, See What He Did! You might have read about Brickz’ story, how he made it to prison and just how has he been doing, you might ask.

People React To This Video Of Kwaito Star Brickz And Other Prisoners - Video

You probably have to watch the video to see that, but putting it into words, one would say that he is doing just fine.

And that is according to what we can see in the video, one thing about prison is that there is a lot of violence, a lot of times, it is hard to avoid being caught up in some gang-related stuff.

There is probably a system there which works for those who just do not want to associate themselves with gangs and violence and Brickz seems to be focused on what he knows how to do best.

In the video, you can see him and other prisoners singing and that is his speciality, a lot of people know him as one of the best Kwaito singers that we have in South Africa and maybe only a few might disagree.
But if you listen to some of his songs right now, memories would probably come rushing to mind because those types of songs take you back to those days when it was mostly about Kwaito music and how every corner in the townships was playing this music.

Those were the days, it is sad that Brickz did what he did and hopefully, he has found himself again, some of his supporters might have lost him, but they probably never lost the music.

And that is because the connection is just too strong, in the video, he is seen singing in what seems to be a prison choir. A lot of people go to prison and things get worse for them, they join gangs and they never really work towards bettering themselves.

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However, for Brickz, he chose to go for a different path, there is no justifying what he did, what he did was wrong, period.

Now, it is understandable if some people are still angry at him, maybe they have every right to be and Brickz now has an opportunity to make things right. If he makes it out, he might want to raise awareness about what happened and share his experience in depth, why he did what he did and how other men can be advised not to do what he did.

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