Phumeza’s father reveals why he doesn’t want any contact with her. Phumeza, who is a South African Media personality and actress, has been in the public eye for the longest time. She is currently 34 years old, and has not revealed this side of her to most people.

Phumeza's father reveals why he doesn't want any contact with her

She is currently a presenter of a show called Abandoned. Where she helps those who have been left (abandoned) by their parents to seek closure. The show assists those people to seek for their parents, and then get the closure they deserve.

Some remain abandoned, while some reunite with their loved ones. On this week’s episode, Phumeza was the one looking for her father. She managed to find him, but he did not want to come out to see her. Phumeza’s mother passed on when Phumeza was 16, and had not told her what exactly transpired, between her and her father.

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It is said that her mother had an affair with a white man who was her employer. This is how Phumeza was conceived. At the time both Phumeza’s mother and her biological father were married. Meaning they were both having affairs. Her biological father was never a part of her life, and when she went looking for him, he refused to see her, and told her his wife is sickly, and he doesn’t want Phumeza to try and make contact anymore because his wife will be affected by the whole situation.

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