PICS: Actress Sophie Lichaba leaves Mzansi worried. Sophie Lichaba is a South African actress. She played Queen Moroka in the soap Generations. In 2016, she was guest judge in the final Miss South Africa 2016 beauty pageant.

PICS: Actress Sophie Lichaba leaves Mzansi worried

She was born and bred Soweto on the 15th if July in 1973. She is a mother of two beautiful children known as Lwandle and Rudo Ndaba.Sophie Lichaba1

Sophie has been married for like three times now, she seems like she is not having her best time when it comes to love. Her Marriages didn’t last that long because some lasted for few months while some only lasted for few years, her only married that lasted was with Themba Ndaba then the rest seemed like a vacation in some countries.Sophie Lichaba 2

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Sophie has been losing weight and her fans are worried. She was known as Queen on Generations and she was everyone’s favourite, along with her jokes. She seems like she is still living her best life even if her life is no longer the same. She still seems as beautiful as he was before her sickness started and she will forever remain our Queen.

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