Police Minister Bheki Cele confirms racial profiling in Phoenix – Video. There is lots of evidence on social media pointing at racial profiling in Phoenix. There is a video circulating on social media of the Police Minister Bheki Cele confirming that there was indeed racial profiling in Phoenix. All this drama started when Phoenix residents took the law into their own hands and killed black protesters.

Police Minister Bheki Cele confirms racial profiling in Phoenix - Video

Since then more video of Indian men shoring at black people and stopping them at roadblocks just because they are black. At some point one Indian man asks a black couple if they are happy to see a building burning. All other people as long as they were not black were allowed to cross and travel without any interrogation.

After the Phoenix massacre black people have been threatening to revenge. Just a few days someone posted on social media that if anyone was missing a friend a family then they would have to go to a police station near Chatworth because black people were burnt in their cars. So far this has not been reported or confirmed.

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In the viral video the Minister admits that there should be investigations concerning the matters of racial profiling and any other killings. Many happy are not happy that the police did not contain the lootings and destruction of infrastructure. SAPS is now associated with not doing the job right. During #UnrestSA a police officer was caught looting and his car full of goods.

Each and every time the police trend is because they have misfired or have done something terrible. Whatever is behind the Phoenix massacre should be solved because one day it will turn into something bigger and more destructive. This is because each and every time people mention that they will do something about it one day.

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