A heartbreaking video is doing the rounds on social media depicting the harrowing moment a police officer was being manhandled by an angry mob. This comes after the policeman, in an attempt to beat a woman, hit the woman’s baby which she was carrying. The baby died on the spot.Policeman Kills Child While Assaulting Mother

Policeman Kills Child While Assaulting Mother

The incident happened in neighboring Zimbabwe and people can be seen holding the policeman by the belt as they shuffled him. Also in the same shot, the mother of the dead child can be seen crying hysterically as she held the lifeless body of her now-deceased child.

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Eyewitnesses say the incident happened in Harare and the policeman was trying to scare the woman to leave the city since the country is under lockdown. It is at this point that he swung his button stick and hit the innocent child who died on the spot. Reports suggested the child is 9 months old.

Social media users understandably got irate and blamed the police for using excessive force all the time.





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