Popular Sangoma who acts on drowns whilst doing a ritual. The locals of Atteridgeville, which is located in Tshwane, have a hunch that the man was engaging in some kind of sacrificial activity at the river in Brazzaville, which is located close to a hardware store.

Popular Sangoma who acts on drowns whilst doing a ritual.

According to what they heard, the sangoma was one of at least five other people that went to the river on the morning of September 30th, but he did not make it out of the river alive.

Divers from the South African Police Service and the Tshwane emergency services were able to locate him and remove him from the murky waters.

The Intarez was told by locals who are familiar with the location that many izangoma and prophets visit the river to either perform rituals or pray.

When the man was seen entering the river, he was apparently dressed in sangoma regalia, as stated by an eyewitness.

“There were around four or five people there. Some of them were dressed in sangoma attire, while others were dressed in church robes.

“The deceased departed from the company of others and proceeded to the more remote part of the river.
“They saw him go inside the deep area and he never came back,” he said. “They never saw him come back.”

He stated that several of the locals had told them that the location was hazardous due to the fact that more than three individuals had perished there in the past. The individual stated that they desired to have the area fenced in.

Another local resident who was raised in the neighborhood stated that she was always told stories about mermaids living in that pool when she was a child.

We were brought up with the urban legend that there are mermaids living in the pool. Because our ancestors used to tell us stories about people being snatched by aquatic animals and then returning as mediums, we never went there.

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A traditional healer named Kuppe Banda stated that some Izangoma made the grave error of going to rivers even though they were filthy.

A spokesman for the Tshwane Emergency Services named Charles Mabaso stated that his team and the police were able to rescue the body of a man who was 21 years old and had drowned in a river near a hardware store in Brazzaville, Atteridgeville.

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