Queen Makhadzi Makes More Boss Moves, Ventures Into Beauty Business. Makhadzi’s Khokova shoe line was just a few months old when it was introduced. Immediately after that, she acquired a stunning mansion that was admired by many of her adoring followers.

Queen Makhadzi Makes More Boss Moves, Ventures Into Beauty Business

And now, with the launch of her very own lotion line, Madova body lotion, the Limpopo hitmaker is branching out into the cosmetics industry.

Needless to say, her admirers are overjoyed and have voiced their anticipation at the prospect of seeing her brand on store shelves in the near future.

Love wins! Makhadzi, a 25-year-old South African singer from Limpopo who was born into a musical family, has gone a long way from singing on the streets to receiving the acclaim she deserves.

A lot of honors have been bestowed upon the Ghanama singer, who has also acquired a lovely home and automobile, as well as launching her very own shoe range.

It looks like the sky is the limit for the singer, who is now in a relationship with South African artist Master KG, as she continues to grow her mini-empire.

Makhadzi posted the exciting news with her admirers on Facebook on Tuesday, March 1st, who responded positively, like the post more than 7000 times and leaving her loving comments in response.

It’s hard to describe how much I like Makhadzi. He’s an inspiration because he makes it appear so simple. Everything he touches turns to gold. Big up, Ntombazane.”

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Master KG gifts bae Makhadzi a R1,8 million car on Valentine's DayCynthia Cynthiah expressed herself as follows:

“I’d want to give it a go as well. “You should have called it Makhadzi when you first got it.”

Gugu Lam Ncube expressed himself as follows:

“Unquestionably a real inspiration…

The name of the lotion has piqued my interest even more…… “I can’t wait to give it a try.”


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