Qute cars have just landed in South Africa. Qute mini vehicles have just landed in South Africa and people are all crazy about their prices, the car monthly installment starts from as little as R150 to R200 excluding surpluses and some hidden costs.

Qute cars have just landed in South Africa

Qute cars says their cars is offering only two payment options which are cash and on monthly installment which you have to pay for the period of 72 months with the interest of about 6.5% per year.

A lot of people showed their interest on Qute cars since it’s very cheap and affordable especially when we talk about the missing class and the middle class who doesn’t really qualify for cars in all other dealerships in South Africa.

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Qute is going to take over and expensive dealerships are going to lose once Qute mini motors dealership kick start their process of selling all their cars.

I think it’s a good move having such companies like Qute coming up to resque us since their cars are fuel efficient and and we can really save big with Qute.

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