Revealed: What Mr Kgomo actually wants from Celia. Mr Kgomo left Celia confused after threatening her about going to jail, remember Celia promised Mr Kgomo that she will do whatever she wants, so Mr Kgomo is taking advantage with Celia Kunutu.

Revealed: What Mr Kgomo actually wants from Celia.

Mr Kgomo put Celia under the pressure because currently Celia wants a time to take a good care of Alfred Magongwa since he is blind but it seems like Mr Kgomo does not care.

Mr Kgomo still blaming Alfred Magongwa and Celia Kunutu because the police found her daughter skeleton in their yard, that is why he does not care about what Alfred Magongwa is going through right now.

Now she got Celia Kunutu where he wants because he finds her trying to kill Alfios with a pillow, and Celia promised him that she will do everything she wants if he does not tell the police about what she was trying to do to Alfios, so now Celia does not know what to do and she is trying to avoid Mr Kgomo but Mr Kgomo does not want to leave her.

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Celia does not know that Mr Kgomo is just threatening her because there is nothing he can do remember he was supposed to tell Sergent Babeile immediately after seeing the incident, so now he kept secret so that he could blackmail Celia with it which is wrong and can put him in a serious trouble .

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