Revealed : Why Master KG Is Always Wearing A Cap.   There’s been a trend on Twitter will you post an old picture in their recent picture and caption it “how it was and how it’s going.” So someone took Master KG and Makhadzi’s pic with one of them being a video call screenshot and the other one is a normal pic they took outside with filters.

Revealed : Why Master KG Is Always Wearing A Cap

So people are left in shock while others are laughing after seeing Master KG’s bald head because they usually see him wearing a cap, so now his reason of always wearing a cap in public has been revealed.

It has been a phenomenal year for the Jerusalema hitmaker who has been collecting win after win each week.

From reeling in a whopping 143 million streams on Spotify this year, along with winning eight prestigious awards, it’s no wonder Jay Z and his team were left to do the noble thing of adding Master KG to their fire 2020 playlist.

Being on a winning streak, Master KG took to Twitter and uttered how “amazing” it was that his international banger, Jerusalema, had made Jay Z’s list.

Some people are actually wondering that who took the screenshot, because Master KG is always keeping his head away from the public so some people believe that Makhadzi is the one who took the screenshot.

Numerous comments have been flooding on Twitter, with some saying they will never go for a man with a cap ever again and some saying they now see the power of filters and smartphones after seeing the couple looking good on the other picture.

Master KG, the Limpopo-based artist who took the world by storm with his smash hit Jerusalema, has officially released a new anthem. It’s the first tune the DJ had dropped since achieving global acclaim during the winter, and we think it’s fair to say that Ng’zolova has the potential to win the public over once again.

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