#RHODurban: Nonku & her mother make Sfiso Ncwane’s widow Ayanda As Their Main Topic, Drags Her To Filth. Viewers of the Real Housewives Of Durban are about ready to send Nonku Williams’ mother packing after her appearance on the premiere of season two left them disappointed about utterances.

#RHODurban: Nonku & her mother make Sfiso Ncwane’s widow Ayanda As Their Main Topic

Despite having rejected the opportunity to be part of season two of the popular reality show, Sfiso Ncwane’s widow Ayanda was the main topic between Nonku and her mother, something fans found distasteful.


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Nonku shares a daughter with Ayanda’s late husband. Nonku and her mother spoke proudly about how they thought “it was only right” that they demanded that Ayanda pay damages for Sfiso’s child and acknowledge Nonku as the child’s mother since Sfiso had died without doing so.

Fans who know the story have long since ruled the request was ridiculous and Ayanda wasn’t the person Nonku and her mother should have directed their anger at.

Nonku and her mom rubbed many up the wrong way when they dragged Ayanda. Nonku has a kid with Ayanda’s late hubby, Sfiso Ncwane. Peeps are furious that Nonku and her mother discussed Ayanda because she’s not on the show to defend herself.

However, Nonku and her mother see nothing wrong with anything they did.




Tweeps expressed their disgust at how the pair were comfortable and proud of doing Ayanda “dirty”.

“Nonku and her mother are vile human beings. Why didn’t they want those damages while Sfiso was alive? Ayanda didn’t make a baby with Nonku. Nonku has the audacity to play victim. Sies!” tweeted one viewer.

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