Rhythm City actress Itumeleng Bokaba has been in the hot seat recently and it’s all because sis twerked on set. Since she’s a mother some fans felt as if she should respect herself and not act like a slut aibo!!

Rhythm City Actress Itumeleng Dragged for Twerking

The actress took to Instagram to share her experience with people constantly judging her actions just because she’s a mother. Itumeleng urged urged people to do better when it comes to telling people how they should behave or live their lives. Because if you ask me other peoples lives don’t concern them!!

“So I was slut shamed for twerking on set today , even though it was part of a scene we were shooting, but anyway. Someone said, ” wow look at the mother’s of today” like really!”

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The Rhythm City actress didn’t want to mention any names but she expressed her disappointment at how many people always concern themselves on how mother’s should express their sexuality.

“So now that I’m a mother I should stop enjoying and expressing my sexuality. Get a life,” she wrote.


Even with some people dragging her there was still a number of her fans who defended her and encouraged her to not listen to the naysayers and just continue living her life.

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