“How Do You Say Goodbye To Your Twin? – “Twice As Bold” Star Shot Dead. In a sad development, one of the stars of the reality show “Twice As Bold” died after being shot dead.

#RIP 'How do you say goodbye to your twin' Twice as Bold Twin star shot dead
Thabani Biyela, who starred in the reality show with his twin Sakhile, was shot dead on Tuesday, 9 August.

The news of Thabani’s death was shared on social media by the stars of the reality show, South African twin sisters, Olwethu and Owami Siko.

Writing on their Facebook page, the twins said
“How do you say goodbye to your twin? We are shattered as Siko twins to say goodbye to one of the Biyela twins. What a sad day, it’s OK not be OK. Kufa awudeli yhoo, what a day, Jehova”.

Thabani’s twin brother Sakhile also confirmed the devastating news.
“I can confirm that my twin is dead. It happened today. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to disclose any information right now, and we’d like some privacy as the family.”

The Siko twins added,
“We were informed by a close family member about Thabani’s passing. We are saddened by this and we are still trying to digest it. We were planning so many things with the Biyela twins. For example, we were preparing to do a music video with them for their song, Imali. We were also hoping to feature them on the next season of Twice as Bold, but now this will be impossible.”

Twice as Bold reality stars,The Biyela twins Thabani and Sakhile with the Siko twins, Olwethu and Owami. [Photo: Daily Sun]
The inseparable twins, whose last relationship ended in tears, are trying to find love again in “ Twice As Bold ”.

Olwethu and Owami, who believe they are “two bodies with one soul”, are searching for one man to marry both of them.

Thabani and Sakhile made their debut on the Siko twins’ reality show in May.

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At the time, Thabani told Daily Sun,
“We are Zulu men and ‘sizochatha’ (use sexual booster) to ensure we satisfy them in bed. We can’t wait for that opportunity to come. We’ve never done group sex before, but we’re open to a new experience. We don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of because we also share one soul.”

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