#RIP King of the voice Lil Meri. Cause of death. Heartbreaking Limpopo star predicted his own death see here. Many are times that when a person dies people start talking about how the same individual predicted his or her own death. As Africans, this has been normalised.

#RIP King of the voice Lil Meri. Cause of death.

It usually makes sense when joining the dots together after the person is dead, that’s when people or relatives note that the deceased spoke of his death before they pass on. Sometimes they do it indirectly with no clear foresight. It’s always difficult to deal with death though it’s inevitable to everyone.


Popular musicians who have passed on even included some lyrics about their deaths. Some even put out self-fulfilling prophecies in interviews taken before they die. This then leaves painful scars on those musicians or celebrities’ fans wishing they had paid more appreciation and respect to them while they were alive. This happens to everyone in general.

In memory, their music or acts of philanthropy then continues to speak during their silence in graves.

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The main lesson death brings is that people have to honour greatness when it’s still within them and to appreciate their talents as well. It then leaves a lot to be desired that most respect is paid when the person is no more, when alive it’s usually more hate that overshadows.

Life will always be the best teacher and it has to be celebrated when here on earth than when one passes away.


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