RIP Mukuna… burnt alive in car. The end of definitely here for the almighty untouchable crime lord Mukuna.

RIP Mukuna… burnt alive in car

After months of manipulating and enslaving the Kubeka family, Mukuna goes down tonight as the family units against him.

He was first played by Zenzele last week after he made him go against his right hand man, Skhumba and killed him making Zen his most loyal and trusted ally.

Mukuna introduced Zen and his family to the human trafficking business but now that they don’t want none of it.
According to video teasers after Nomvula escaped from Mukuna they will set a trap for him to think he is winning.

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Vukile will pretend to make an offer which Mukuna can not resist, the offer is to sign the whole of Luthuli Waste to him so he can run his business smoothly and have the Kubeka family as his slaves.

Little does Mukuna know that Nomvula is behind him with a gun ready to shoot and they burnt him alive.

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