We have learned of Zibo Bantsi’s tragic passing earlier on the 2nd of October 2020. She passed during the night of the 1st into the 2nd of October. Zibo was a renowned YouTuber, and she was in a relationship with a renowned Rapper, Frost! The couple had recently blessed us with their beautiful maternity photos.Shock as Youtuber Zibo Bantsi dies while giving birth.

RIP: Shock as Youtuber Zibo Bantsi dies while giving birth

Zibo died after giving birth to their bouncing baby girl, due to complications. She gave birth via C section on the 16th of September 2020 to a healthy bouncy baby girl. COmplications arose during this delivery and she was put in an induced coma of which she did not make it out. It’s true when they say a woman gets in between life and death when giving birth. One of the many reasons why men should treasure our women! They go through the most just to give babies, they go through life threatening measures just to multiply the human nature. Her baby Azha Nthati Bantsi, is left in the care of her mother and partner

A heart felt condolences to every woman out there, and to Zibos Loved ones.

Rest In Peace Dear Zibo.

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Zibo has left an effective impression via online media and will be associated with her engaging YouTube recordings and charming character. May her spirit find happiness in the hereafter.

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