SA Man narrates how he dated a dead Lady for 4yrs & impregnated her. A man claims that he had an unusual romantic relationship with a dead woman, during which time she became pregnant for him.

SA Man narrates how he dated a dead Lady for 4yrs & impregnated her

A man from South Africa took to social media to tell the story of how he fell in love with a woman who had already passed away, going so far as to have a kid with the deceased woman, who will be turning two years old this year.

An individual who uses Twitter shared their story about how they had been dating a woman for four years but had never met her parents until after he had gotten her pregnant.

He claims that at that point he requested for them to go to her parents’ house so that he could receive payment bill for the damages and the dowry. And the woman agreed on it.

However, once they arrived and he had explained his reasons, he was taken aback to find them crying as they shared the tragic news that their daughter had passed away six years back.


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The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing, so he requested her parents to show him where she was buried, and they did. He claims that he discovered a jacket that he had purchased for her and that it was hanging on the tombstone.
This will be the second year for the child he had with the woman who has since passed away.

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