SABC Cancels Muvhango After 20 Years

SABC Cancels Muvhango After 20 Years

The SABC has been canning international and local shows for the past five years now. They started with international soap operas such as; Days of our Lives and The Bold and Beautiful, then moved locally to SABC 3’s Isidingo_The need which was struggling with viewership for years. Their reasoning for canning shows is usually based on the viewership of the shows.

Their reasons for canning International shows were that the SABC wanted to promote more local shows which were supported by South Africans. It hasn’t been easy for fans to get over the canning of Isidingo_The Need and many are still heartbroken because it was loved but wasn’t by many which resulted in the low numbers. Isidingo left many of its fans stranded, and some of its crew members, and actors jobless.

SABC Cancels Muvhango After 20 Years

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According to the Sunday World, Muvhango is another soapie that is rumoured to be getting dumped by the SABC. Muvhango which has been playing for more than two decades on SABC 2 has also been struggling with viewership for the past five years. Although the soapie is still number one on SABC 2, people have complained about the soapie losing its plot for the longest time, even though the show still has its loyal viewers throughout South Africa.

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The show was a hit in the 90s when it’s still had The River’s creator; Phathu Makwarela as its head writer but went downhill when he left.

It has apparently become one of those boring shows for some people, but others still enjoy it. Should the rumours be true, it will leave most people jobless and stranded just like Isidingo_ The Need.

SABC Cancels Muvhango After 20 Years

Sources are saying, as much as it will hurt viewers, it will hurt those who are involved in the project more, from crew members to actors. This will mean that some people will have to go back to hustling.

Another soapie that’s been struggling in numbers is the Afrikaans soapie; 7de Laan which also airs on SABC2 and has way less viewership than Muvhango.

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