SAD: Four Children Murdered by their Father. Three children are aged between five and Nine years who were killed allegedly by their biological father were found with nails behind their ears.

SAD: Four Children Murdered by their Father

The head of the fourth child,3, had caved in after she was bludgeoned to death allegedly with a blunt object

According to a family member who don’t want to be mentioned, said the father killed the four kids because the mother cheated on him and he also raped the mother. This happened the night before the children were killed.

The father raped the mother, while screaming for help but no one couldn’t help because it was night and all the doors were locked. After the father raped a mother he went where the children sleeps.

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The father started shouting at the kids holding a big knife, it’s when he start beating the children.

The father went back to the mother’s room and beat her too but she survived. These Children were found with nails behind their ears

The case is still on trail

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