Sad news: UZALO Coming to an end? Fans not happy. Uzalo fans seem to be fed up with the cast and want it to be off air. Uzalo is an award winning television soap opera that has managed to capture the attention of many people all over the country.It is currently being aired on SABC 1 from Monday to Friday at 20h30.

Sad news: UZALO Coming to an end? Fans not happy.

Over the past years of being on air the ratings kept on increasing rapidly, it proves that the content that they were serving to the viewers is exactly what they asked for.It has been recorded to be one of the top watched soap operas in South Africa with over millions of viewers.

It used to make it to social media trends after airing an episode but now the table has turned. Fans seem to be more worried with the fact that the cast keep on bringing back old actors. Usually those who have exited the cast before tend to come back.

They are not pleased with the current storyline. They want the cast to bring new faces and new talent to entertain the masses than to keep on bringing back people who exited the cast before. Fans want the cast to focus more on bringing new faces who will convince the public to watch their episodes every week days.

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They say seeing old faces all the time is now too boring for them and others have revealed that they stopped watching the telenovela because of this. It is for this reason that fans want the cast to be off air. They want the soap opera to come to an end since they are failing to meet the expectations. If it continues to brig old actors viewers ratings will also decrease because already some people are frustrated with what is happening What is your take on this matter?.

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