SAD: Real Reason Why South African Man Got Killed By US Police Revealed!! According to the cry for Justice to be served, posted on Facebook by his wife last night, she narrated her end of the story. In her words;

SAD: Real Reason Why South African Man Got Killed By US Police Revealed!!

“They shot my king, I was with him at 7:30pm then he went for a drive to clear his mind after a fun family day. His green card interview was next week.

I called and he said he was on his way home at 7:52pm By 8:10p cops had shot him four times.

How can you justify that, What happened in 18 mins What do I tell my babies when they cry for him?

He has my heart, will never find a perfect love like him. He was indescribable. He’d grown into a noble man. Righteous but not self-righteous. Loving and wise. He was too good for this broken world.

He was born at Queen Nandi hospital and passed at Queen Emma’s hospital.

We need justice. They must release the body cams and show us what happened. Why are three trained officers afraid of one unarmed man.

They just left me a widow at 29 with two babies in diapers you gotta be kidding me. ”

Nonetheless, reports from the police and neighbors said the middle aged man in his early thirties, was reportedly moving around the neighborhood displaying erratic behaviours and endangering some neighbors who called the police whilst crying and begging for help.

The neighbor who’s house he entered felt it was a burglar as he wasn’t invited and wasn’t identified as a family friend. With his erratic behaviour, she felt endangered and called for help. When the police arrived she was crying and directing them where she last saw the suspected assailant, Lindani Myeni.

After being found walking around the premises, he was ordered to kneel down and surrender but he fled and a chased ensued by the armed officers who later fired tazers to over power him, This didn’t work out well.

In a fit of rage, Lindani Myeni, fought back at the officers resisting arrest as he punched and overpowered them with each gaining some injuries. And In a last resort, the officers opened fire and shot him four time killing the young vibrant black South African man.

So according to them, they had no choice but to shot after he resisted arrest, attacked officers of the law and was an apparent danger to many at that moment.

South Africans have called for justice too and demanded that as president Cyril Ramaphosa visits the United States, he must table this issue. Here are some reactions from twitter

“By now it should be clear that when the US police give you a reason why they killed a black man in America don’t just report that version without investigating.”

“The USA police have a track record of lying when Black people have died at their hands. They have lied so much we ask for body cams and other supporting evidence before taking they version as true. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Amadou Diallo. Lindani Myeni. We need answers.”

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“Cyril Ramaphosa is going to America to meet with Biden to talk about climate change. Black people are being killed in America everyday and a black president wants to discuss climate change.”

“Body cam footage already out. He did fight. A tazer was deployed first. What is questionable now is did he know who he was interacting with. Police didn’t identify themselves and it was dark.”

“His wife said he went for a drive my question is why was he not in his car driving . On that video that there is a woman screaming like he killed someone something doesn’t add up”

“Police footage just got released. The cowards didn’t announce themselves and the homeowner was screaming dramatic.”

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