Sad Scenes: Gauteng woman allegedly set on fire by boyfriend after dropping child off at preschool.

Sad Scenes: Gauteng woman allegedly set on fire by boyfriend after dropping child off at preschool

Police are investigating an attempted murder case after a woman’s boyfriend allegedly set her alight when she tried to prevent him from torching her car at a Benoni preschool.
The 27-year-old woman, who had just dropped off her 4-year-old child, is in a critical condition in hospital after the attack in Ekurhuleni on Monday. Her 40-year-old boyfriend suffered minor burn wounds in the incident.

Police spokesperson Colonel Noxolo Kweza said: ’’The suspect, 40, was also injured during the incident and was taken to hospital, where he is under police guard. An additional charge of malicious damage to property will be added after the woman’s car was burnt beyond (repair).

’’The woman, who was with a friend, both sustained burn injuries. They were rushed to the hospital as well. At this stage, the motive is under investigation.’’

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The woman had just dropped off her child when the suspect approached her vehicle, the preschool owner, who did not want to be named, told a local publication.

“(Another person) was also in the car and he tried to run them both over. The woman was alight. He then jumped into the burning vehicle himself but later jumped out on the other side.

“He then got back into his taxi and drank something, but that’s when the police arrived.”

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“She was getting into the car and he tried to pull her out of the vehicle and then he poured petrol into the vehicle. She then tried to stop him from pouring petrol in the car and he poured petrol over her as well.

’’He later set the car alight but because she was so close to the car, she also caught alight. The child had already entered the school. It happened in the parking lot,” the owner said.

The man then got into a taxi and allegedly attempted to run over the woman.

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