SAD: They died a painful death may their souls rest in peace heres what happened. No parent can stand the pain of losing their children or even bury their child. But it’s every parent’s dream to see their kids grow and became what they want to be.

SAD: They died a painful death may their souls rest in peace heres what happened

Losing a child is very painful and it doesn’t matter how young or how old they are the pain is unbearable. It makes you ask too many an answered questions which no one can answer more especially if it’s sudden death.

Like The Twitter user who goes by the name of @Gifted Gift on Twitter shared a very sad and touching story about his 2 niece who was twins who died a tragic death.

“According to Gifted Gift’s statement” who is the uncle of 2 girls who died a tragic death that left people in tears after he took to his social media account, and shared that on the 11th April 2021 they are saying their last goodbyes to his 2 nieces who died in a caravan that burned beyond recognition while the 2 girls were playing inside it.

What happened to these angels is very pain I can’t imagine the pain their mother is going through after finding out that as the caravan was burning her children were also in it. Not much was said about how the fire started, but as any parents, she’s probably blaming herself for the passing of her daughter’s death.

Even though people on social didn’t know them but they were very touched, sometimes it’s not easy for someone to share such information on social media but it probably to courage him to do what he did, but for him to do what he did he will probably help someone to heal. Because as people we come across a lot of things in life and you will never know where your help might come from, who knows maybe a stranger’s story might help you heal.

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Because After Gift shared his story on social media some people also shared their story and this might help each other heal because of they their pain and how they got past it.


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