Salaries: Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ Salary At Muvhango Revealed.

Salaries: Temudzani ‘Chief Azwindini’ Salary At Muvhango Revealed

Gabriel Temudzani is a celebrated South African actor who plays the character of Chief Azwindini on SABC 2 Venda hit soapie Muvhango. The celebrated star actor has become a reckoning force in the entertainment industry through his splendid acting.

Just like those before him Temudzani started acting at an early age. The Muvhango firebrand started acting in theatre plays in 1995. It took Temudzani 5 years to make a mark in the entertainment industry. He’s thrust into the limelight came when he bagged a role at Muvhango.

Temudzani character as Chief Azwindini on Muvhango has spanned for more than two decades it almost seems like a lifetime role.

Muvhango is a South African television soap opera, created by Duma Ndlovu. Muvhango has an average of 4 million daily viewers. The first episode was aired on 7 April 1997

Probably one would admit that the reign of hit drama series like Muvhango and Generations The Legacy is nearly coming to an end after the introduction of new drama series such as Uzalo.

Changes in plots of Muvhango’s storyline can be blamed for its downfall. The once most-watched Venda soapie has seen a sharp decline in viewerships and this has prompted its cancellation from SABC.

Despite the drop in viewerships have you ever wondered how much do Muvhango actors rake in per month? Salaries of actors vary with the production house however salaries of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry are based on variables such as show ratings, years of experience, and obviously craft competence.

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In 2019 Muvhango actors went on strike for unpaid salaries. Given its stay on screens, Muvhango is one of the most paying soapies in Mzansi. With Muvhango being one of the most and longest aired soapies on SABC 2 it’s every actor’s desire to be part of the cast.

With his illustrious career which has spanned for decades, many might wonder how much Temudzani gets for keeping us entertained. Despite his long-stay, at Muvhango the celebrated award-winning actor has featured in a number of TV series also.

Muvhango firebrand Gabriel Temudzani who plays the character of Chief Azwindini is the most paid on the cast. The Muvhango lead actor and long-serving cast member gets between R120,000 to R130,000 per month due to his influential role.

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