Jub Jub released his highly anticipated Ndikhokhele Remix three days ago and released the official music video the next day. The video and official audio has received tens of thousands of views on YouTube and the rave reviews keep coming in.

Samthing Soweto refused to work with Jub Jub

Fans are left mesmerized by the breathtaking vocals from the musicians featured on the song as well as Jub Jub’s rap skills. Featured on the song is afro-soul singer Nathi, gospel heavyweights Rebecca Malope, Lebo Sekgobela, Benjamin Dube, musician Mlindo The Vocalist, Tkinzy, Judith Sephuma and the new kids on the block Blaq Diamond.

After hearing the song some of his fans felt that it would have been on another level if Samthing Soweto was in it. Some even asked Jub Jub about it. Jub Jub wanting to be as transparent as possible let the fan know that Samthing Soweto refused to work with him.

Other way it’s a great song regardless!

The contrasting artists featured on the song allows for the multifarious masterpiece that Jub Jub has produced. This remix is assurance to legions of his fans that he should indeed get back in the music industry, as promised he definitely will.

After listening to the song many of the listeners picked out their favourite verses from their favourite featured artist and it is safe to say that the two who stand out are Nathi Mankayi and Mlindo The Vocalist.

Social media is abuzz this morning when the song became available on many digital music streaming platforms.

Aware of the praises that they are receiving, Mlindo expressed his eagerness to get in studio with Nathi and work some magic.


A week ago, Jub Jub made the announcement on national television that he will be remaking his hit song Ndikhokhele. These are his efforts to help out the families whose children died from that tragic accident in 2010.

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