#Sengikathele: Why women feel entitled to be supported by men? Imagine!! She doesn’t want him to supports child, instead he should give her the money meant for his kid, she doesn’t even want him to help his granny out.

#Sengikathele: Why women feel entitled to be supported by men?

Abanye abafazi bayahlanya,the fact that you think indoda HAS to give you money,Cha he has to do it by choice and if his okay with it, you must not feel that you entitled to his finances unless his willing to do so.

I thought she knew her game until the guy won the league 🥺🥺🥺… imagine she was a side chick all along The effects of Men’s conference resolution 3 of 2021 read in conjunction with section 4 of 2021of Stingy men association. 😂😂😂The mindset some women have these days, it’s sad. Why women feel entitled to be supported by men? From nails, hair, toiletries.?

Ladies draft those CVs and send them. That’s why men “use” women. The deed is not everything🤦‍♀️She brags too much about the stuff that is wrapped in her panties. That’s what makes her an asset. Other than that she competes with an old lady and a child for resources. Now she has been beaten 10-0 at her own game.

Dumping the poor guy coz ga a beche,she complains that the guy is maintaining his child yoh aowa…She can go haiIf I was that guy I would run away and never look back whose buying her those panties ??But she also doesn’t know where the guy got his Underwear. 🤣😅

This gender. Rena we don’t care about panties, even if u don’t wear it, we’ll still not notice🤣🤣Dis is bad guys on national Tv, so now he mustn’t support his child nor his grandmother, she must get a job, she doesn’t deserve him xem When she was asked what she is going to do after this she said she wants to find herself i thought she’d say she is gonna look for a job

The guy is being ab_sed left and right here, If a person can say this on public platform one wonders what the guy goes through in private space! This is beyond Gold digging, but satanic and madness!Aa this girl o jesa Team….she’s lowering our standards as women…..all she has to do is just go and work for herself,there’s nothing sweet and beautiful like spending your own money on yourself no matter how little it is…..

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Ay Maswabisa net Gold digging on a coal mine 😂😂sis needs a bit of formal education. Her level of thinking is way below there 👇how can you compete with someone’s child for maintenance, a grown ass Woman who need to be totally taken care of by a man she is not even married to.

Mbali needs to find herself a job and stop using herself for nails and wigsThis girl is lowering our standard as women,some of us work for what we want, we hustle, we run with cv’s looking for a job… We dnt biliv in sleeping for a plate to feed ourselves When he said “beng’Plan ukwenzel uRere something” I died a bit Amadoda are here to finish US Ladies😂😂😂😂😂

Most of this women are liabilities…my brothers we shouldn’t tolerate such nonsense please ,women be so flippin entitled with shit that ain’t theirs, shit they ddnt work for…brothers let’s be careful of women we date We ashamed of Mbali as women shame. She’s very entitled with limited thinking 😪🤣

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