Senzo Meyiwa exposed of having S_ex With Zandi Kelly’s Sister During Court. The courtroom today at the Gauteng High Court was ripped a new one as Advocate TT Thobane revealed the most shocking news yet. During the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, Advocate Thobane’s revelations has sent Mzansi into a frenzy.

Senzo Meyiwa exposed of having S_ex With Zandi Kelly's Sister During Court.

Absolutely nothing could have prepared the courtroom, as well as Mzansi as a whole for what has been revealed today in court. While Senzo Meywa’s friend Tumelo Madlala was o the stand for his third day today to give his testimony surrounding Meyiwa’s shooting.

Advocate TT Thobane has revealed that his witness will detail how Senzo Meyiwa went on to have a relationship with Zandie Khumalo, Kelly Khumalo’s sister. Advocate Thobane relayed how the relationship commenced as he puts it that it was actually Kelly Khumalo who initiated the relationship in the first place.

“At the end Senzo ended up having a relationship with Zandie as well. he has sexual relations with Zandie because Kelly has been away for a long time” said Advocate TT Thobane’



While on the stand, Tumelo Madlala went on to neither confirm nor deny the allegations eluded by Advocate TT Thobane. Instead, Tumelo Madlala went to say all he knows was that Senzo Meyiwa loved women.


“I wouldn’t confirm nor deny that, all I know is that Senzo loved girls/ women” said Tumelo Madlala

Tweeps have since went on a theory bandwagon surrounding the sexual relations that Senzo Meyiwa has been accused of having with Zandie Khumalo. Tweeps went on to insinuate that the break-up between Zandie and Kelly Khumalo has everything to do with the relationship that Senzo Meyiwa had with both of them.

“N9 wonder Zandi and Kelly dnt see eye to eye.Longwe might hv found out Senzo is tshowing both and blew the news in the house Kelly grabbed the gun frm Longwe and shot Senzo nowonder she tlks ill of Senzo nw” wrote Sandile Lushaba.



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“Kelly Khumalo turned Mandisa to be Senzo’s side chick then Zandi turned Kelly to be Senzo’s side chick eventually the Hen died living the chicks… Sex Chain” wrote Mr Right Now.


“Longwe smashing Zandi, apparently Chicco did Kelly, Senzo did both sisters…at this rate I won’t be surprised to hear the mother got smashed by someone in all this mess. WHAT A FAMILY!!!” wrote Joe Pinzollo

“So that’s how the fight started, Zandi was in a relationship with Longwe & Longwe found out that Zandi slept with Senzo,Longwe took Chicco’s gun & went to Kelly’s house to confront Senzo Longwe shot Senzo & now this is why Kelly & Zandi don’t get along” wrote Ghost Lady

The trial continues at the Gauteng High Court.

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