Shauwn Mkhize puts up an offer to buy govt entity, Eskom. Reality show star, Shauwn Mkhize has apparently put up an offer to buy Eskom. This was mentioned by someone on social media and has not to be said nor confirmed by herself or any other person of that caliber. As much as this may be true or false, because it is still unconfirmed, the chances of her buying the entity were discussed by some people on social media. And, this is what they had to say.

Shauwn Mkhize puts up an offer to buy govt entity, Eskom

She is a very popular South African businesswoman. Not only this, but she has grown to be a reality television star and an ultimate favorite of many as her wealth speaks for itself. She has had numerous associations ever since she became well known, most probably through her reality shows, “Kwa MaMkhize” that aired on one of DSTV’s channels.

Eskom is a public company and it’s supported/funded by the government so they can’t privatise it by selling it to her because it will no longer be supported/funded by the government and definitely prices for buying electricity will increase because she’s on her self

To further discuss the possibilities of this, the Eskom website confirms that the largest shareholder of the entity is the South African government. It is actually one hundred percent (100%) state-owned.


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To sum up, the chances of MamKhize buying the entity would be too small and may bring about huge economical and political changes to South Africa. Simply because it is represented by a public servant (minister). This is the Minister of Public Enterprises.

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