She got killed by her evil stepmother. Homicide cases are fast rising in South Africa even if its women against women.

She got killed by her evil stepmother

It us important for men to vet women they bring near their children if they are single parents, the same also goes women who are single mothers.

Reports have it that a young beautiful woman at the age of 9 was allegedly killed by her stepmother.

The young girl identified as Quinisha Sebrand was killed by her stepmother after her mother and father separated and the father had custody of the child.

The stepmother, Lesley was apparently jealous of the bond between the father and his daughter.

Reports claim that Lesley took Quinisha out on the 28th sof March 2022 and gave her a good time. According to reports she fetched her took her for a haircut, swimming and later on strangled her with a shoelace untill she died.

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Quinisha’s body was later found at the Maitlands beach on Monday.

The stepmother later handed herself to the police as her alibi would not make sense since she was the last person seen with her. She has now been sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Gqebera High Court.

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