She has more money than all her teachers combined” Twitter reacts to Porsche driving matriculant  A Grade 12 learner, Yanda Woods, broke the internet today. She posted a video on her Instagram showing off her soft life.


The love child fathered by Tiger Woods with a South African left South Africans in disbelief after she shared a video of herself driving to school in a Porsche beast, a Christian Dior bag on the passenger seat and LV sunglasses as an accessory.

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A lot of comments were happy at the fact that some black parents can afford to give their children ‘Blood and Water’ lifestyles while some felt that she should not be driving a Porsche in Grade 12, to begin with. I find it progressive that a lot of people are no longer glamorizing poverty and strive for wealth for themselves and their kids. Errors were noted bitterly by haters as they took notice of the fact that she arrived late to her first class; disturbed the lesson and asked to be excused to get her bag from the car.

The entire video was taken lightly by others who did not want to project their jealousy. In the process, some imagined how difficult it must be for teachers to have to teach such a wealthy kid who can probably afford to pay their salaries with just one piece of her accessory.

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Since teachers are always assumed to be bitter and unhappy with their lives, it was insinuated that seeing such a rich kid still showing up to school might irk them and make them feel even worse about their lives. However, I beg to differ because the new wave of teachers chooses to go into the teaching profession consciously and not as a last resort, therefore they may not have bitter feelings towards her.

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