She Looks Like The Qwabe Twins, she Has Caused Stir On Social Media. Qwabe twins are well-known gifted musicians in the industry of South African entertainment. Their harmonic, flowing, and melodic voice has been by many South Africans.

They originally from Stanger, KwaZulu-Natal, and their names Viggy and Virginia Qwabe. They gained high popularity when they were participating in the Idols South Africa singing competition. Their talents mesmerized SA Idols viewers however at a later stage these twins exited the competition due to the feeling the system was not fair.

She Looks Like The Qwabe Twins, she Has Caused Stir On Social Media - Pics

Mzansi on Facebook was so impressed to discover a young and beautiful lady who resembles the Qwabe twins. This woman is also from KwaZulu-Natal and her name is Nqobile Manqele. She is tall, dark, and adorable just as Qwabe twins and people loved her so dearly. People shared her Facebook profile in many Facebook groups because of her amazing resembles popular Qwabe twins. Some people referred to her as lost third twin and her beauty is stunning and astonishing.

Well, most people thought it was over about these twin’s future in music but God made things happen for them. Not after o long after they had withdrawn from this competition, the South African top deejay known as Dj Tira the founder of Afrotainment Records Found in arranged to meet with these adorable twins, and indeed their meeting very fruitful.

These twins received a record deal with Afrotainment. As Dj Tira gave Viggy and Virginia scanned and realized how big is their talent that is why he immediately signed them.

It is not yet known whether this young lady’s matter has come to attention or not as yet. Some Facebook users said that they are craving to hear her voice possible she is also a good singer. Mzansi was had many questions about their resembles maybe Qwabe twins should intervene in this beautiful coincidence so that they can share their point of view. This confuses people because Qwabe twins are also from KwaZulu-Natal just as this young lady Nqobile Manqele.

Qwabe twin came on Idols SA now knowing that their success is beginning accompanied by success. Afrotainment recruited Qwabe twins having faith in them and these twins never disappointed. They released their first single track so-called “Hamba” which is currently has reached close to 10 million as it’s was released a year ago. Their talent is amazing as it is doing wonders in the music industry. Big credit need to be also given to the might Dj Tira for not hesitating but sign twins immediately and now South Africa loves them.

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The above picture is a picture of Nqobile Manqele that confuses people on Facebook as most are puzzled thinking it’s Qwabe twin. Nqobile is beautiful and now due to her physical and facial resembles on her against qwabe twins, this had made gained many followers and likes on Facebook. As her pictures are circulating, who knows, things might react to Qwabe twins, and possibly the twins will comment on Nqobile. So let us wait patiently.

Now looking at the above picture, you will tell the precise resemblance that is existing between them. This picture above makes it easy for you to conduct comparisons of them. Three of them are beautiful, loveable, adorable, stunning, and astonishing. Black is indeed beautiful, let their beauty shine as well as their talent.

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