Simphiwe forgives late husband Dumi’s murderers. Simphiwe Ngema spills out her emotions about those who murdered her late husband, Dumi Masilela.

Simphiwe forgives late husband Dumi’s murderers
Speaking on Mac G’s podcast and chill, the multitalented star says she’s forgiven them and unbothered about the trial against the suspected murderers.

“I made a conscious decision not to follow the trial because losing Dumi is a big enough burden to carry. I am not going to carry the burden of not forgiving as well. That will be too much for me. I don’t follow the trial because if the justice system fails me, then what? If they run free, then what? I am I going to be miserable for the rest of my life because there is somebody I haven’t forgiven,” she said.

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Dumi was shot and killed during an attempted hijacking in 2017.

However, Simz has finally moved on after years of mourning her late husband.

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