Simphiwe Manzini reportedly pranked South Africans. Simphiwe Manzini has been cancelled by some persons after it got revealed that her kidnap case was a prank on South Africans.

Simphiwe Manzini reportedly pranked South Africans

Hashtag ‘Find Simphiwe Manzini has turned to hashtag ‘Arrest Simphiwe Manzini’.

Lots of people have taken to social media to frown at the prank that got most persons sleepless.

On Wednesday night, the young woman posted on Facebook that she’s been kidnapped and the hijackers kept her in the boot of the car, planning how to rape her.

She also revealed that her phone was taken, but she was able to communicate because she had a second phone in her pocket, unknown to the kidnappers.

However, on Thursday, it was revealed by a man named Chris Mbedu that Simphiwe must have pranked the whole nation about being kidnapped in an effort to get her boyfriends attention.

In a post shared on Facebook, Chris says he worked in a small tracking company in Johannesburg and he was was called for assistance after it went viral that she was kidnapped.

The man left his bed very late in night to rescue her alongside a friend.

Mr Chris spent R300 on airtime and they paid a sum of R1500 to nightguard officers who joined them in the search. They also asked Alberton police for assistance.

Upon getting to the location she sent via her second phone, they found nothing, they called a bigger tracking company to help, but it was an empty place, but using her car details, it was revealed that her car was parked in her house.

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Later, a police friend to Chris called him that Simphiwe is at the police station and she drove her car there.

That was when the search crew realised it was a prank gone wrong, as the car had no scratches which is against her claim ealier shared on Facebook.

Read the full detail below:

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