Simphiwe Ngema Reveals How Late Husband Dumi Masilela’s Family Felt About Her Moving On.It’s been four years since Dumi Masilela’s passing and although his loved ones have found the peace and strength to move on, his memory will forever be a part of them.

Simphiwe Ngema reveals how late husband Dumi Masilela's family felt about her moving on  - Video

Actress Simz Ngema spoke about her late husband and how his death affected her on the latest episode of MacG’s podcast.

According to Simphiwe Dumi’s death hit everyone hard more especially his mother who had lost Dumi’s father a year before Dumi died. The actress shared that for a long time she didn’t understand what the reasoning behind her husband’s death was just after two months of marriage, but she kept her faith in God and knew that it would get better in time.

Fast forward a few years and Simphiwe managed to find happiness again and move on with her life but it seems her in laws were not very pleased by it. According to Ngema, Dumi’s family had become an extension of Dumi and they felt a little betrayal at the sight of Simphiwe moving on with her life.

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” They were obviously not okay and i understand why because they felt like they were Dumi now and what ever happens with me, whether it jealousy or whatever….I’m their daughter, and it was okay but we spoke and now we are okay” she said.

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