#SingleAndMingle: Romeo Said He Owns The Range Rover, But Gets Exposed By Someone Who Knows Him.

#SingleAndMingle: Romeo Said He Owns The Range Rover, But Gets Exposed By Someone Who Knows Him

Maybe it is not a bad thing that the guy went against all odds to pull up on a Range Rover, he has to impress and he did just that. But, it is not everyone who is going to commend Romeo for going to the date in style.

People started posing questions on social media, they were asking who the owner of the Range Rover was and this goes to show that people can really undermine you.

They probably just looked at him and thought that there is no way he owns the car, that is just how it is out here, people judge. Now, the best clap back would actually be him proving that the car is really his, just so he can shut them up.

But then the thing is that it is not clear if Romeo really owns that car, the thing is that there was a girl who revealed something and that might have made people more doubtful.

Someone on Twitter asked if that was really his Range, one lady who goes by the name Kuhlekonke Kubheka came out and said that that Romeo does not own the car.

She also dropped another bombshell, she mentioned that she catches a taxi with him every day and this might have shocked some people because there might have been those who believed that he owned the car.

However, there is another thing that we should take note of, the lady who made these claims about Romeo has to prove what she said about him because it could be that she has something against him.

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You know how people can attempt to embarrass you because they see you moving forward and doing things that they might have wished they did.

We do not know what her intentions are and if it is true that she knows Romeo as she claims she does. If all the things she says about Romeo are true, then Romeo played us, he basically lied on TV and that is if the lady is truthful.

There are a lot of guys who impress women with things that do not belong to them and that is just unfortunate because that means you would have to constantly lie.

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