South African DJ Sithole Shozi has spoken out on reports that she has abandoned her mother to suffer in poverty while she’s living it out soft.

Sithelo Shozi opens up reasons why she's not taking care & Abandoned her poor Mom

This comes after a social media user claimed Sithelo’s mother was renting a dilapidated two roomed house in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal.

Sithelo is being accused of being a deadbeat daughter who really doesn’t care about her own mother while she buys cars worth millions of rands and clothes worth hundreds of thousands of Rands.

Posting on her twitter account Sithelo told people that she won’t go Podcast and Chill to clear her name because the reports are nonsense.

‘I don’t clear nonsense mina,’ she wrote.

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She also had a series of tweets laughing at those who were posting saying she wasn’t taking care of her mom.

She even threaten to beat up Musa Khawula.


“Wena ke ngizok’ Khahlela,” said Sithelo directing it to Musa.

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