Skeem Saam Actor Kissed By Fan In Public. Eric Macheru and Putla Sehlapelo
‘Skeem Saam’ actors Eric Macheru (Leeto) and Putla Sehlapelo (Magongwa) reveal female fans get emotional and sometimes kiss them.

Skeem Saam Actor Kissed By Fan In Public

Eric Macheru and Putla Sehlapelo, who play the roles of Leeto and Magongwa, reveal that ‘Skeem Saam’ fans have caressed them.
TVSA recently caught up with Skeem Saam actors, Eric Macheru and Putla Sehlapelo, who play the roles of Leeto Maputla and Meneer Alfred Magongwa respectively.
The actors revealed their character’s favourite storylines, episodes and how they got caressed by female audiences from Skeem Saam .

Seasoned actor Eric Macheru, who plays the role of Leeto Maputla on the educational soapie, Skeem Saam says he was home in Polokwane when he got the call that he landed the role.

The father of one says he was extremely nervous on his first day on set and revealed that his favourite storylines on the show have always been between Leeto and Mokgadi (Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila).

“The two have been through so much together. I just love them.”
“I also love the fact that it’s always laughter behind the scenes, we have really happy and funny people on set.”

Multi-talented actor Putla Sehlapelo, who’s been playing the role of Meneer Alfred Magongwa since season two on Skeem Saam says he accidentally got the role.
“I actually started out as a casting director and ended up having to fill in for someone else that didn’t show up on the day.”

“I was essentially just a filler so to say. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

Sehlapelo says his all-time favourite storyline is the one he’s currently shooting surrounding the tender storyline.

“I can’t give the storyline away prematurely, people would need to tune in. But it is a beautiful story.”
He also adds that he’s not a terrible person, but playing Alfred has allowed him to get to play a somewhat baddie character, which he enjoys.

When Macheru is asked what his most memorable moments were with Skeem Saam fans he says fans can be unpredictable at times.
“You’ll never know their next move. I’ve been pulled, kissed, pockets searched, scratched, hugged. Haha!”
“But I mostly felt loved. I’ve had good fans.”

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One of Putla Sehlapelo’s most unforgettable off-camera moments was when a female fan cried when she saw him.
“She probably cried for about 20 minutes first, before calming down to tell me that when she saw me she saw greatness. “

“That, she loved my work, and every time she saw me on TV it made her emotional.”
Sehlapelo says this experience with the fan was quite overwhelming and caught him completely off-guard.

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